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My Montessori Preschool @ Bullion - Logo
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Our Philosophy

A sense of curiosity and wonder unveils as one begins to explore the world. The process of planning, execution and reflection takes place as we go on trips.

Educators in My Montessori Preschool @ Bullion believe that children go through this similar process as they learn.

Guided by the principles of Project Approach and Montessori Method, educators facilitate children’s exploration about the world around them and nurture them to take charge of their own learning. 

Children are inquisitive and educators walk alongside them in their quest for answers and solutions. Learning is authentic, engaging and purposeful in My Montessori Preschool. Coming to school will be as exciting as going on a trip!

   Our Mission

Walking alongside children in their exploration of the world around them.

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   Our Vision

Nurturing children to be the architect of their learning journey.

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