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Sports, Music, & Art

Sports, music, and art activities are vital for children as they promote holistic development. Sports foster physical fitness, coordination, teamwork, and self-discipline, building a strong foundation for an active lifestyle. Therefore we have Sports Day Annually


Music enhances cognitive skills, language development, and emotional expression, nurturing creativity and boosting confidence. Art activities stimulate fine motor skills, imagination, and problem-solving abilities, encouraging individuality and self-expression. These activities also cultivate social skills, teaching children to share, cooperate, and communicate effectively. In our school we have mini Performance every month and Concert Performance every year. We help children publish storybook every year as well.



Collectively, sports, music, and art empower preschoolers with a well-rounded skill set, fostering physical, cognitive, emotional, and social growth, setting them on a path towards a balanced and enriched future.

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