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Unleashing Curiosity and Enhancing Critical Thinking Skills through Interviewing Experts

At MMP, we embrace a project-based approach to foster deep learning among children. A crucial aspect of project work is providing students with the opportunity to learn from field experts.

One of the remarkable qualities of preschoolers is their inherent curiosity about the world around them. By encouraging students to prepare interviews for field experts, we empower them to explore and learn beyond the confines of the regular curriculum.

In 2022, we interviewed Dr. Aissa Hundal while learning about the Skeletal System. After gaining basic knowledge about our bodies, the children decided to dive into the Skeletal System. Prior to the interview, they discussed and prepared questions to ask. You can check this out from our YouTube video. This project is featured on Grow@Beanstalk magazine.

children interview a doctor via Zoom

Different ways to learn

In 2023, we also interviewed a herpetologist from the Herpetological Society of Singapore to learn about reptiles. The children discussed and prepared questions that they wanted to ask. They took turns raising their questions, which helped them develop critical thinking and communication skills. Through this experience, they learned that there are different ways to solve problems other than just from books or internet. They gained confidence in asking questions and knowing who to ask, which is very important for their future learning. You can check this out on our YouTube video.

children prepare list of questions to ask expert

children are confident to ask questions

herpetologist introducing different pattern of snacks

Interviewing experts benefits preschoolers by expanding their knowledge beyond the regular curriculum, fostering curiosity, and developing communication and social skills. It allows them to explore topics of interest in depth, gain specialized information and insights, ask questions, develop critical thinking skills, and engage in meaningful conversations with adults.

What to look forward in 2023 Term 4

In 2023 Term 4, we will be studying the Solar System and have the incredible opportunity to interview Mr. Gang Kai Poh, a NASA Research Scientist.

Mr Gang Kai Poh interviewed by preschoolers

Thank you for shaping our next generation

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the experts who have generously contributed their knowledge and expertise to help our students learn. Your involvement has provided them with a unique and enriching learning experience, expanding their horizons, igniting their love for learning, and equipping them with valuable skills that will benefit them not only in their academic journey but also in their future endeavors. Thank you for your invaluable support and dedication to education.


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