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Positive phrases you can say to boost your child's confidence

Many may think confidence is a fixed characteristic which actually is not true. Confidence is not something we are born with. It actually is a skill can be learnt and mastered over years of learning. We absolutely can, and should help children to work on their confidence. The benefits are invaluable in their lives.

The benefits of Positive Phrase for children

In fact, one of the best intangible gifts we can give our children is a healthy sense of confidence. Children who are more confident are more willing to try new things and to not let setbacks get them down. Confident children are able to cope when they are feeling upset or scared. You can help your child regain a state of calm during a negative situation by saying Positive Phrase. We should have practice the phrases during a neutral time when children seem calm and receptive.

10 Positive Phrases for Kids

1.“You’ve got this.”

You know they've got the skills and resources they need. Your vote of confidence is the cherry on top that’ll help them soar to success!

2. “You can do hard things.”

When things get a little rough, the hurdles can feel like huge mountains. So this direct phrase is just what they need — a bit of recognition that it's tough sledding, but hey, they've totally got this.

3.“Let’s try it together.”

Sometimes we all need a buddy to lean on and be sure they know that you will be that one when they need it.

4.“That sounds awesome, can you tell me more?”

Take it one step further than just noticing their hard work — ask them to elaborate. Then listen to the the pride in their voice when they explain.

5.“Even when we get frustrated, we still love each other.”

Feelings like frustration, anger and hopelessness are all common human emotions. And despite these negative feelings we will stand by the side of our children with unconditional love.

6.“I know you tried your hardest and I am proud of that effort.”

We acknowledge without a doubt when we see them working hard and giving it their all. After all, life is about the journey, not the destination.

7.“Sometimes we make mistakes, and that is how we learn.”

The journey to growing up is filled with obstacles and fun challenges. Parenting without shame empowers our children to transform these seeming missteps into valuable learning experiences.

8.“How did you challenge yourself today?”

Talk about growth, change, and risk-taking. Confidence will increase with each challenge and accomplishment.

9.“You make me proud.”

Straight and to the point — you can never tell your child this enough.

10.“You can say no.”

We encourage our children to test their boundaries and step beyond their comfort zones. Yet, it is equally important for them to recognize and respect their own limits. If they are struggling and feeling uncomfortable, it's totally fine for them to voice their discomfort. This empowers them to understand their own thresholds and reassures them that their feelings are heard and respected, especially when they feel overwhelmed.

Boosting confidence in preschools in Singapore

At My Montessori Preschool @Bullion, our little ones' emotional wellbeing is our top priority. We truly believe that fostering mental well-being is a key stepping stone to building confidence and resilience.

Throughout each day, we take time for self-affirmation, nurturing the habit of tuning in to their emotional needs. We engage in various exercises designed to enhance focus, maintain calm, and encourage kindness and patience towards themselves and their friends.

Curious to learn more about how we care the emotional well-being of your little ones? Book a tour with us today!

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