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Our Approach

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My Montessori Preschool @ Bullion adopts a unique curriculum, guided by the principles of Project Approach and supported by the Montessori Method.

Project Approach encourages children to be inquisitive and explore the world they live in. With the guidance of teachers, children embark on projects that take them through in-depth studies to interact and communicate with their environment and community, uncovering answers to their questions.

The Montessori Method gives children a prepared environment to work on their self-directed activities. Children of mixed ages work together in the Montessori classroom, enhancing development of social skills. Concrete materials provide children with hands-on experiences and inculcates responsibility in their own learning.

Integrated Learning with STEM Activities and KIBO Robot while children explore on their Project

Both approaches encourage children to be self-motivated learners and take charge of their own learning by discovering answers to their questions, with the help of more knowledgeable adults, peers and on their own.


While children have the freedom to inquire and discover through projects, they achieve academic success through Montessori work that is tailored to their developmental levels. 


Through the school’s learning environment, class schedule and our dedicated teachers, these two approaches are carried out coherently to ensure an enriching preschool experience for all.

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Learning Environment

Our learning environment is designed specifically to support the principles of both approaches. Shelves and materials are designated for Project and Montessori Corners, and children are given the autonomy to explore the materials in the classrooms.
Montessori Class Schedule.png
Montessori Class Schedule.png

Class Schedule

Each day, children have equal opportunities to take part in Project and Montessori work. They are given breaks between classes to ensure they're refreshed before starting the next activity.

Our Teachers

Our teachers receive in-house training so they can implement the Project Approach and Montessori Method effectively in school. Teachers work closely with one another and offer support in activities planning and execution. No teacher is an island in our school!

Outdoor Learning & Physical Education

Outdoor Playing.png

We believe in starting our day right with outdoor play and physical activities!

Each day, teachers and children will exercise right after Morning Circle and proceed outdoors for fun games and sunshine. Children take strolls regularly to explore the natural environment in Bullion Park Condo too. 

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