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Social & Community Engagement

Engaging in social and community activities offers significant advantages for preschoolers. It helps develop crucial social skills like sharing, cooperation, and communication as they interact with peers and adults.


Children get a first-hand experience visiting a convenient store within the condo. Each term, we go for excursions to explore different parts of Singapore and take part in local activities.


This engagement fosters a sense of belonging and boosts self-esteem, contributing to positive self-image. Involvement in community activities introduces children to diverse cultures, traditions, and viewpoints, promoting inclusivity and empathy. Participating in local events or initiatives encourages a sense of responsibility and respect for others. Overall, these interactions lay a strong foundation for social development, cultural awareness, and a lifelong commitment to community involvement.

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Home-School Partnership

We were featured on Grow@Beanstalk for our projects and activities that involved parents! Read the article to learn more!

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